I wanted to start a blog to help you (and me) stay motivated, informed, and excited about getting fit.

A little backstory about me: I used to be the fat kid in school. Not just any fat kid, though – in sophomore year of college, at my peak weight, I was technically obese. And looking back on it, it killed my confidence – I would spend weekends sitting in my dorm playing League of Legends and eating pizza rather than going out and meeting new people.

So I did some Google searching, began counting all my calories, and started going to the gym:


The truth is – weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s going to take years and years to get to the level I want. I have made a bunch of progress, sure.

But I still have a beer belly. I still don’t have 6 pack abs. I’m still not satisfied with how I look. And honestly, I might never be! I believe in constant improvement – even when you reach a goal or milestone, you can always do better. To be satisfied at any point is to disrespect yourself and your aspirations.

So join me on my journey. I’ll be posting a variety of things – diet advice, easy cooking recipes, motivation, and more. And a lot of spunky writing, too.