4 Reasons To Weigh Yourself Every Day

Look, I get it.

You don’t like weighing yourself because you’re afraid that you’ve gained some pounds since the last time you’ve weighed yourself, and you’ll feel bad.

Or you just don’t see the need to weigh yourself more than once in a while.

Well, guess what? If you’re serious about losing weight, you should probably be weighing yourself every day. It should be the first thing you do every single morning. Here’s why:

1. People who weigh themselves daily lose more weight.

Loseit.com reports that throughout all the people that use their app, the ones that type in their weight every day shed twice as much weight, on average, as those who don’t.

Additionally, here’s a study from UNC that followed 91 overweight adults over the course of 6 months – one group weighed themselves every day, one group weighed themselves weekly, and the other group weighed themselves at their normal frequency (which was not often).

At the end of the 6 month study, the group that weighed themselves every day ate less calories and lost 13 pounds on average, while the group that didn’t change their weighing habits did not observe any significant change in weight.

2. It helps you face reality.

I mean, think about it. If you’re scared to look at the scale after a long break of eating a crap ton and only exercising on your walks to the kitchen, then what does that say about your weight? It’s probably going to go up. Duh. What’s the use in trying to ignore it?

You ever hear the phrase, “The first step is admitting the problem”? That’s a common saying from Alcoholics Anonymous.

But alcohol isn’t the only thing that can be addictive – food and laziness can, too. And they’ll harm you more in ways that you can’t see. That is, until one day you realize your pants don’t fit anymore.

3. You’ll see the effects of water weight.

Water weight. It’s the extra pounds that you carry that are not permanent. Here’s the idea: there are certain substances in your diet that cause your body to “hold” more water, resulting in more pounds when you go on the scale to weigh yourself.

Here’s a list of common things that can affect your water weight:

  • Sodium intake (salty foods = more water weight)
  • Carb intake (eating more carbs = more water weight)
  • Alcohol consumption (more alcohol = less water weight)
  • Caffeine consumption (more caffeine = less water weight)

Remember – all the effects of these on your weight are temporary. So don’t go cutting all your carbs out of your diet and drinking a handle of Grey Goose just so you can lose pounds. It’s going to come back.

But you can observe these effects if you weigh yourself everyday – especially after a weekend of drinking or a break of holiday eating. You’ll notice a drastic change in your weight, but you’ll be able to realize that it’s likely just a change in your body’s water retention.

Nobody actually gains 10 pounds of real weight over a weekend. That’s an extra 35,000 calories.


4. You’ll identify trends in your diet.

One of the most important aspects of weighing yourself every day is the concept of sample size.

You’ve probably heard of the term before if you have taken any extended math classes or do any scientific research. Sample size is basically the amount of data points that you have to analyze something. In this case, the data points is your weight, in pounds or kilograms, every day. The “something” that you’re analyzing is how your weight changes.

The more data points you have, the better you can understand how your weight changes. Let’s say you weigh yourself twice a month in January and you gain 5 pounds. But where did that 5 pounds come from? Is it because you ate a ton of food the last weekend and gained all 5 pounds then, or did you steadily gain a few pounds every week?

If you weighed yourself every day in January, you would be able to pinpoint exactly where your weight is changing. Pair this with tracking your calories and macros, and you’ll be able to understand your body even more.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the store, buy yourself a bathroom scale, and step on that thing every morning. Oh, and Follow the blog (on the right sidebar over there) if you haven’t already.


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