Failing To Plan… Is Planning To Fail

Someone famous said that. Or smart. Or creative. Not sure who, but whoever said it is pretty good at coming up with ambiguous, yet useful quotes.

A few months ago, I mentioned that I had hit a weight plateau of around 172 pounds. Well, guess what?

…I still haven’t dipped below 172 pounds (on a 7 day average, that is). I’ve been at 169 and 170 pounds a few times on my daily weigh-ins, but since weight goes up and down so often due to daily sodium intake and water weight, I think a 7 day average is a much better indicator of my actual weight.

Honestly, the last few months, I’ve been pretty terrible about tracking calories. Sure, I log in to MyFitnessPal every day, but I no longer weigh and portion my food with a lot of detail like I used to.


Honestly, there could be fluctuations as much as 300 calories at this point – even though the tracker says 2112 calories today, since I’m not carefully paying attention to portion size, I’d say I could have eaten as much as 2400 calories.

Why did I stop trying as hard? A few reasons:

  1. Lack of motivation – even though I already had a planned training schedule and daily calorie goal, I didn’t seem to be making progress. This made the whole plan seem pointless.
  2. Social factors – it’s hard to stick to a strict calorie-counting habit when friends and family always want to eat out. And like any diet, a calorie-counting diet has to be easy to stick to in the long term in order to be successful.

Therefore, I’m changing up the plan, starting now (no need to wait for the New Year):

New training schedule:

Monday – 1 hour of cardio
Tuesday – 2 hours of cardio
Wednesday – 1 hour of cardio
Thursday – 1 hour of cardio
Friday – Upper body weight training (bench press, pull ups, overhead press, rows)
Saturday – Lower body weight training (squats, deadlifts)
Sunday – rest day

I’m going to aim for 1800 calories a day, as before. The difference between this plan and my last plan is that I’ve added significantly more cardio, and significantly less weight training (I was weight training up to 6 days a week last time).

I’m hoping all the cardio will help offset the days where I exceed my calorie goal (which, to be honest, happened pretty damn often). And if not, at least it’ll benefit my heart rate and endurance.

I have no idea if this is the best plan possible to break past the weight loss plateau, but I know that having a less-than-perfect plan is way better than no plan at all. Because, well… having no plan at all is what I’ve been doing the last few months anyway. 🙂


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