Following Fit People Makes You Fit

There’s a phenomenon going on in the developing world today. Hundreds of millions of people are able to keep in contact and watch the activities of other people, every day, every hour, every minute, behind the convenience of a digital screen within their own home.

People can watch what the top bodybuilders, models, and athletes are doing, eating, and performing. People can get an insight on the habits that make them successful. People can stop, fast forward, and rewind their words to dissect every bit of information they say.

You might have heard of this phenomenon – it’s called social media.

And it can be used to your advantage. Think about the last time you felt motivation to do something – what motivated you? Was it another person that was like yourself who has the same habits that you do? Or was it someone with much more success, fortune, and a finely-sculpted six-pack? AKA – someone unlike you?

Probably the latter. You wanted to be that guy (or girl). You wanted to have success. You wanted to have the six pack.

So, logic then follows that: the more fit and sexy people you follow, the more you’ll want to be fit and sexy yourself. Watching their Snapchats and browsing their Instagram posts and getting their Facebook updates gives you that little reminder in your head: “Dude, get up off your lazy ass and accomplish something, like those people”. For example, when I started subscribing to Matt Ogus on Youtube, it inspired me to be much more diligent about counting calories in a healthy way (incorporating lots of vegetables and paying attention to micronutrients, not just fat/carbs/protein).

This needs to be taken with a grain of salt, however. You don’t want to go overboard with obsessing over them. If you find yourself feeling shittier about yourself and accomplishing less when you follow these people, then do it less. But if you’re the type of person who feeds off of inspiration and takes steps to be like those bodybuilders/models/athletes, then when in Rome…

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Don’t binge eat too much turkey. 🙂


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