Working Out Is Like Showering

Well, first things first. It’s been a while (4 months?) since I last posted – so to all my loyal readers (all… 3 of you), I apologize. Reasons I stopped posting:

  1. Personal life got in the way – certain people / things demanded more of my time,
  2. I hit a weight loss plateau (still hovering around 170 lbs) so I don’t feel like I’m practicing what I preach, and…
  3. I got lazy.

None of those matter, though, because I have time now, and I have thoughts now, and I’ll be damned if I don’t combine my crazy weird thoughts with that time to produce some unique fitness-related content.

So without further ado, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Working out is like showering.

How so?

Because if you have some kind of regular routine in your life that involves exercise, then you need to do it in order to have a good conscience within yourself.

I have not been working out 5 times a week like I used to. In fact, I’ve exercised a total of 2 times this week, and the week is almost over. Like I said, I’ve been lazy recently – since I’m not seeing any visible results on this weight loss plateau, I’ve kind of lost my inner drive to get my ass to the gym so often. So I started skipping.

And I almost skipped today, but there was this inner itch inside me. It felt restless – frustrating, even. I knew that I needed to physically exert myself somehow in order to scratch this itch. Skipping the gym felt bad. Like I was skipping the process of showering and thus letting my body get dirty. Except, instead of becoming dirty, I was just becoming a lazy slob instead.

And, it turns out – it’s not just our subconscious that feels better after we exercise. Science has proven that our bodies physically feel better as well – by releasing endorphins that help reduce stress and depression.

If you don’t get this nasty miss-shower feeling after skipping a workout – then chances are, you are not working out regularly enough. Remember, motivation is not enough to sustain a fit lifestyle – you need to make it a habit. I encourage you to develop a fitness habit – anything (for example, taking a walk every evening, or counting calories every day).

Do it consecutively for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, you should feel crappy if you’re not following through on that habit. That’s good. That’s the power of habit kicking in. The point here is to make the fitness habit so ingrained in your schedule, that you need to do it in order to feel good about yourself.

After all, what kind of person feels good about not showering? That’s gross.


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